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1. Click on the thumbnail of the design you would like to purchase.

2. Find the product you want to buy (i.e. style of shirt and color combination), and click on the picture. You will be taken to the Details page of the product you selected.

3. Review the details to make sure you are happy with your product selection. Please note that colors may vary slightly depending on your monitor color settings. Select size and quantity. Press the "Put In Cart" button to add the product to your shopping basket.

4. You are now looking at your shopping cart. You can make changes to items in your cart, if you wish. To add more products to your cart, click the "Continue Shopping" button and proceed back to Step 1. If you have finished shopping, go to Step 5.

5. Verify the products in your shopping cart are correct. Agree to our vendor's Terms & Conditions (check box) and then click the "Proceed to Purchase" button.

We do not accept orders by phone. You can only order with us over the Internet at this time.


All orders are taken, processed, and shipped by our print vendor Spreadshirt, Inc. In order to insure the safety of your payment transactions, Spreadshirt uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to encrypt all transmitted data. Your personal data is kept confidential.


Currently, we do not offer wholesale purchasing or pricing. We plan to offer wholesale purchasing in the future, and this page will be updated at that time.

For now, we only offer discount pricing. You will receive a discount based on the value of your shopping basket. Your shopping basket can consist of different products/designs. Depending on the dollar amount of your order, the discount will adjust accordingly. Separate orders can not be combined.

Value of Basket Discount
above     $ 200.00 5.00%
above     $ 500.00 7.50%
above     $ 750.00 10.00%


Confirmation details about your order will be emailed to you by our print vendor. You will also receive an email from our vendor with shipping details once your order has been shipped.

You may also track your order online:

1. On our website, click the "Track Order" link. This link can be found in the top, right corner of our website.

2. If promted, please log in.

3. All of your orders (old and new) will be displayed. You will be able to see the date, order number, price, and status.

4. Click on the date or order number to view the details of that order. You will be able to see the status, shipping method, shipping tracking number (if available), and a list of the products ordered.

5. Click the "Download invoice" link to see a copy of the shipping invoice.


For additional help/questions about your order (such as: shipping, cancelling, satisfaction, exchanges, payment, etc.), please CLICK HERE.


Since we offer many different brand name products, sizing may vary. Please see the product description and size chart of each product before you order since sizes of some products may run small.

On the Product Details page, click the "Size chart" link. This link is next to the drop down box used to select the product's size. You will be taken to a page showing a measurement chart of the sizes available for the selected product. Please read the details of the product's description for additional information.

If in doubt, it may be safer to order a larger size.


Our goal is to offer quality products at an affordable price. All prices are in U.S. dollars. Please consult with your local bank if you need currency conversion details.


There are two different methods we prefer to use to print the design onto the product. The method selected depends on the material of the product and the complexity of the design.

Flex/Flock: This technique is also referred to as plot printing. The design is mechanically cut out of the flex or flock material and thermally transferred onto the fabric.

Digital Direct: The colors are printed directly onto the fabric with a high-tech ink-jet printer. The print creates a very thin layer on the surface of the material.

For more detailed information about all available printing techniques, please


Depending on the type of printing method that is used, please follow these washing instructions to keep your product looking great.

Flex/Flock: Designed not to fade, our flex and flock materials are of the highest quality. To ensure lasting enjoyment of your plot printed t-shirts, please note the following recommended care instructions:

T-shirts should be washed inside out and set on a gentle machine cycle in cold water.
When drying: tumble dry on low heat.
To avoid possible shrinkage: lay flat to dry.
To maintain the life of the design, t-shirts should be ironed inside out on a low heat setting without the use of
steam. This step also aids in refreshing the colors in the design.
Dry cleaning is not recommended.

Digital Direct: All digital prints, especially those designed with dark colors, are prone to fading over time. Digital designs can be preserved very well if these recommended care instructions are followed:

T-shirts should be washed inside out and set on a gentle machine cycle in cold water.
To avoid any form of fading, machine drying is not recommended.
Lay flat to dry.
Dry cleaning is not recommended.


For all of our products that you buy, it is legal to resell them at a higher price. If you own a shop/store, we welcome you to purchase our products for resell.

Please note that printing our designs without permission is called bootlegging, and is illegal.


We do not offer catalogs. Currently, we only sell via the Internet.


We do not currently offer custom products of the existing designs. If you see a design you like but you do not see it on the style/color of a particular product, then it is not available.

We do offer custom products that you can design yourself. You can enter your own text and/or upload your own graphics. Currently, we will not design customized graphics for you.


You can design and order your own t-shirts and other products using the Designer.

For more information/instructions on how to use the Designer, please

Every personally designed article is an original. Your design will be placed on the product according to how you designed it in the Designer. All products are created by hand, as production is not automated; it is possible that there could be minor alterations. It's also possible that the design will look smaller or larger in reality because the t-shirt example shown in the Designer is always a fixed size (often medium, sometimes small). Colors may vary slightly depending on your monitor color settings.


There is no minimum order. You are free to order just one, individually printed shirt/product. Order as many as you want.


Our designs range from funny, to naughty, to offensive, to obscene; our favorite designs are a combination of all four. Due to the eclectic styles of our large audience, we carry many other types of designs too.

Please note that all of our design ideas are original. Unfortunately, it may be possible for more than one person in this large world to come up with a similar idea, joke, saying, and/or theme.

We also carry some designs that were created by other t-shirt artists/companies. These designs are used with permission. We do our best to keep all prices consistent and low, but some artists may demand higher commissions than others.


If you think you have an original idea that we would want to use, then submit it to us. We can not make any promise that your idea will be used. Please read the "Terms" that you must agree to when submitting an idea for more information.


Whenever we have a contest, all rules and information will be posted on that contest's webpage.


If you submit a picture or video of you and/or your friend(s) wearing our products, we may post it publicly on our website. Please read the "Terms" that you must agree to when submitting a picture or video for more information.

If we really like the picture(s) and/or video(s) you submit, we may offer you a free product as a thank you (or in exchange for additional pictures/videos). We can not make any promise as to how many, how often, and/or when free product(s) will be offered.


We currently do not offer a newsletter subscription. When we do, this page will be updated.


We do not rent, sell, distribute, or share any information collected to anyone, unless we are required by law. We will never ask our vendor for any personal data (including your email address, mailing address, credit card number, password, etc.) they obtain to process your order. Your privacy is very important to us.


To view our vendor's privacy policy, please CLICK HERE.


Before you contact us, please review our FAQ since we have posted the answers to some of your most common questions.

If you would like to send us a comment or suggestion, please do so. E-MAIL IS THE BEST WAY TO CONTACT US.

CLICK HERE to contact us.