Design Your Own - Instructions

Design your own product in 4 easy steps. Below, we have broken up the 4 step process into more detailed instructions. Feel free to experiment with the Designer until you are happy with the outcome. Please note that some pictures below may vary slightly at times to the actual Designer.
Select A Product
Select The Color
Select The Printing Area
Use A Pre-made Design
Upload Your Own Design
Add Text
Select Color(s)
Select The Printing Method
Resize/Move The Design
Select The Size
Add To Shopping Cart
Select The Quantity


Within the Products tab, choose one product from the large assortment available by clicking on it. You can narrow the search by selecting a category from drop-down box. For the categories with a large selection, use the scroll bar within the tab to make sure you don't miss anything.


Most products are available in more than one color. If a small arrow appears, hover your mouse over it for a larger selection of available colors. Click on the color you want and the sample picture will change to that color.


Most products have more than one side (front, back, etc.) that you can print on. Click on the side that you want to add a design to.

Note: You can add more designs to other available sides for an additional cost. Each side can have up to two designs and two sets of text.


Adding a pre-made design to your product is optional.

Within the Designs tab, choose a design from the large assortment available by clicking on it; use the scroll bar within the tab to make sure you don't miss anything.

Note: You can add more designs and/or text for an additional cost.


Uploading your own design is optional.

Within the Designs tab, click on the Upload Design button at the bottom. Click on the box if you agree to the copyright terms, and then press the Choose a photo button to select a file from your computer. Once it is uploaded, the design will appear in the window within the Designs tab. Click on the design and it will appear on the product.

Note: You can add more designs and/or text for an additional cost.

The following is a list of tips for using your own graphics:

The file must be saved as .png, .jpg, .bmp, or .gif. We recommend uploading transparent .png or .gif files.
The maximum file size is 3 MB.
The design must have a minimum resolution of 200 dpi (dots per inch); designs for buttons should have a
minimum resolution of 400 dpi. The higher the resolution, the better.
The maximum resolution size is 3000 x 3000 pixels.
The design can be scaled down as you create the product. Minimizing the design is always a possibility
without losing picture quality; enlarging the design beyond 100% of the original size is not recommended since
it could appear "pixelated" depending on the resolution.
The background around the design should be transparent, unless you want it printed as part of the design.
Example: If you have a drawing of a dog on a solid white background, the white area will also be printed on
dark fabric.
Designs will be printed in CMYK color mode. If your design is in RGB mode, we recommend you review it in the
CMYK color palette.
Print your design (sized at 100%) on paper before uploading. This should give you a better idea of what it will
look like (such as size and quality).
The printing method will automatically be selected for the type of product you are creating; this can not be
changed. We recommend using products that will use the Digital Direct method. More information about the
printing methods can be found in Step 3.


Adding text to your product is optional.

Within the Text tab, type whatever you want to appear on the product. You can add up to 5 lines of text at one time.

Select the line(s) of text you want to format. You can choose a specific font (hover over the font's name to see an example), change the style (such as bold), change the size, and/or justify the position. Each line of text can be formatted differently.

Note: You can add more designs and/or another set of text (up to 5 more lines) for an additional cost.


You can not change the colors of the designs you have uploaded.

For pre-made designs, each color area is separated by a number. Select a number by clicking on it, and then click on a color in the palette; all areas of the design associated with the number will change to the color you selected. For multi-colored designs, you can select the same color more than once if you want.

Each line of text can be a different color. Highlight the line(s) of text that you want to change, and then select a color.

Note: The colors available will depend on the printing method selected. If the text will be printed in a Flex or Flock format, then there is an additional cost for two or more colors.


There are several different methods that can be used to print the design onto the product. The two techniques we prefer are plot printing and Digital Direct.

Flex/Flock: This method is also referred to as plot printing. The design is mechanically cut out of the flex or flock material and thermally transferred onto the fabric.

Digital Direct: The colors are printed directly onto the fabric with a high-tech ink-jet printer. The print creates a very thin layer on the surface of the material.

For each design on your product, select the print method you want to use from the drop-down box in the Edit design area. If you uploaded your own design, the printing method can not be selected or changed.

For more detailed information about all of the printing techniques, please

Note: You can mix different printing methods on each side of the product (i.e. if you have two designs on one side, each design on that side can have a different print method chosen). The only exception is specialty flex print; if the specialty flex print method is chosen, then all designs on the same side must be printed in the same color of specialty flex.

The following is a list of tips if you overlap designs with different printing techniques:

Flex can be printed over Flex.
Flock can be printed over Flex.
Flex and Flock can be printed over Digital.
Digital can not be printed over Flex or Flock.
Flex can not be printed over Flock.


To move the selected design, hover your mouse over the design; hold down the left-click button on your mouse and move the design by moving your mouse. You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the design.

In the Edit design area, you can resize, rotate, change position (such as centering), and reverse/flip over the design. You can also resize and/or rotate the design by using the arrows surrounding the selected design; while hovering your mouse over these arrows, hold down the left-click button and move your mouse.


For the product you created, tell us what size you want by using the Size drop-down box. This option will not be available for products that come in only one size.

For details about the product, including a chart with measurements, click on the Size chart link.

Note: You can order the same product in another size (if available) after adding the product to your cart and returning back to the Designer.


Press the Add to cart button to add your product to your shopping cart; a message should appear to inform you that the product was successfully added to your cart. Press the Create another Product button to return back to the Designer, or press the Purchase Now button to begin the purchase process. Returning back to the Designer will allow you to order the same product in additional sizes, and/or design more products.


For the product you have created, tell us how many you want to order in the size selected. There is no minimum order. You are free to order just one, individually designed product. Order as many as you want.